Below you will find some beautiful testimonials from people who have used my services and /or who have received readings from me. This shows the difference a message or help has made to their lives and how their perspectives have changed for the better for them. This is the reason I keep doing what I do. If after reading these words you feel you’d like a reading or help in developing your spiritual gifts, I’d love to hear from you. Please note all testimonials are using initials or First Names only due to confidentiality and the nature of my work.

My reading with Stuart was very accurate and positively encouraging. I was taken by his down to earth and understanding approach. I can honestly say it renewed my sense of optimism. Most impressed and would highly recommend. Suzanne

Positively Encouraging

I would just like to say a big thank you to Stuart, for my card reading we have found a treatment for my wee granddaughter who will be one on Sunday this treatment is not available in the UK there for I am in the process of trying to get charity registered to raise funds for her, this gives me the hope that I never had before, and I know I said no to the breathing but I just remembered and started laughing when I hung out my washing and finished fighting with the wind yesterday I was coming back up the stairs I could hear a noise looking about trying to figure out where it was coming from then realised it was coming from my chest so yes you were right, keep up the good work and thank you again Marion xx💫💫

Hope I Never Had

Accurate reading with Stuart. Very happy indeed. Louise

Very Happy

Yet again Stuart has delivered 😃😃 he has just answered a question through his pendulum for me and it was spot on he amazes me so much he is such a kind and giving person and never fails with his accuracy in his work thank you Stuart love you my friend, Helen ❤️❤️xxx


Fantastic reading as always thank you Stuart. Loved my reading today made a lot of what I already have been thinking about into…yes do it Thank you Stuart. Maxine x

Yes Do It

Stuart is amazing always great to see or hear from him always look forward to his card of the day and his live nights 🌈💖😇 J xxx

Stuart Is Amazing

Thank you Stuart. Could relate to it all. Glad my mum is not in pain. Thank you again S

Mum Not In Pain

Thank you so much for the reading today, everything you said relates to my situation at this present time and good to know things will improve, thank you again K x

Things Will Improve

Great friendly guy X amazing at cards keep up good work H x

Amazing At Cards

Thank you so much for my card reading spot on with everything S x

Spot On

Amazing reading tonight from Stuart. So pleased my daddy and grandad came through to say hello! Support card is so true x I actually feel quite calm and at peace after that reading E xx

At Peace

Thank you Stuart could relate so much to my reading M xx

Relate So Much

Brilliant reading got a lot of reassurance from it. It was spot on thank you so much D xx


Thank you ever so much Stuart for the reading. I hope that good times are ahead on the job front. S

Good Times

Stuart is fab! His readings are always to the point and so true love and light E x

So True

Thank you very much Stuart loved my reading it’s what I needed to hear and evidence that spirit is around you are doing a good job helping others on their journey I’m sure you will be rewarded too thanx again D X❤️

What I Needed

Thanx for the accurate reading Stuart love your energy. D

Accurate Reading

Thank you so much for my card tonight Stuart Kelly I took so much from it and yes I really do need to let my inner child out and relax a little more! I found it all very interesting. … You did a great job though and I really enjoyed the session. Thank you once again A xx ❤

My Inner Child