Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual Awakenings

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual Awakening is defined as “When the confused and frightened self transcends to a higher consciousness, an awareness of love and peace.”

While I think that is pretty accurate, I believe there’s a lot more to it than just a couple of sentences!


To me, a spiritual awakening is when we realise that what we’ve been taught, what we’re shown, how we live our lives, may not be true to us. It’s that feeling we get deep inside that tells us “that’s not right”, that makes us want to look for more information, to get to the real truth of whatever had triggered that feeling inside us.

Some of us may follow through with that feeling and go looking, whilst other don’t and continue to live and experience things blinkered to the greater truth of life, and that’s fine. This blog isn’t here to tell you how to live your life, just because we feel something isn’t right or is, ultimately we have the choice in whether we do anything about it or not.

When we do decide to do something about it, it leads to changes, inside and out, and can translate into many different symptoms through the mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

In this blog I have put together a comprehensive list of some of the symptoms you might come across as you go though the shifts and changes that occur as we go through a spiritual awakening. Whilst I will provide a symptomatic view point and ways in which you can help yourself, please understand this:

**You MUST ALWAYS use any information given in conjunction with your healthcare provider. You may feel like changing your health care plan, your medication, your way of dealing with things, and that’s fine, but please, talk to your doctor first before doing anything like that, for your own safety.**

I will be giving you some of the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of spiritual awakening starting wit the Physical Symptoms.

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Amplified Senses: Your sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch may become intensified as you start to shift through your awakening.
Discovering Food Intolerance: You might find that you can’t eat certain foods anymore because they make you feel ill. Dairy, wheat, spices… Symptoms might show that you weren’t aware of, or maybe hadn’t paid attention to, before your awakening.
Changes in Sleep Pattern: A frustrating one this one, you might become something of an insomniac or you might be the opposite and sleep longer in the day. Either way, you must be gentle with yourself and not stress yourself out by “missing a day” or feeling like you’ve “wasted a day”. It’s natural.
Vivid Dreams: Bizarre or intense dreams occurring! Sometimes prophetic, sometimes just the weirdest thing you could have ever dreamt of. It may be worth while looking at dream interpretation.
Dizziness: We start to become aware that we’re ungrounded through this symptom. Whilst it can be horrible, learning simple grounding exercises will help.
Weight Change: This can happen in either direction, either up or down. Again, being gentle with yourself and taking any steps you feel are necessary to help you as you go forward will benefit you much more, as opposed to panicking and not doing anything (which again, is completely natural)
Changes to Eating Habits: Things we once liked no longer grace the pallet and things we didn’t like start to! It’s a strange thing, but as the vibration increases and changes, we start to bring in what we really need. Also, craving foods we absolutely wouldn’t have given a second thought to can happen too!
Energy Changes: We can either go from being lethargic to being full of beans to being full of beans to seeming lethargy. This happens in a balancing way, so that we aren’t expelling too much energy or wasting it by not using it. It can be a shock to the system, but it’s completely natural and does even out as we move forward.
Sex Drive: Yes, even that can be affected, it can either in crease or decrease and your tastes can change too.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Feeling as though life is false: We get to the awakening process and we feel like how we’ve lived before, all we’ve experienced, has been a lie. It’s not the case at all, it’s not been a lie, it’s just a different feel to how life feels now, and if it weren’t for the before, we wouldn’t have the now.
Craving Meaning and Purpose: We may feel like before we floated about going from this experience to that one with no end goal, we now come into this and feel like we have to do something much more meaningful. It calms down and we realise that all of it is actually meaningful and has a greater purpose than we realise.
Feeling Completely Lost and Alone: This is an interesting one and oh so true! Spiritual Awakenings happen to us all at various points in our lies, but, they incredibly individual and personal and they can, make us feel alone. Ta important to know that you are NEVER alone, talk to someone and you’ll find that they too are experiencing these symptoms too and feeling just as alone as you.
You See Through Illusion: Deception and B.S. are like water off a ducks back, like seeing through a window, you see right through it like you used to and can smell it out like no one’s business!
You See Others Unhappiness: You start to notice how others feel and you feel drawn to them to help them to feel better, to show them a way out of that situation, to turn that feeling into something happy for them to build upon.
You Develop Deep Compassion and Empathy: You feel others emotions very strongly and want to help them in any way you can. You understand and can feel the emotions and situations others find themselves in. You can relate to them more and want to help guide them to better things.
Desire To Be Alone: Because you have a heightened empathy and compassion, you find people, situations and circumstances affect you more so you want to stay away and become sort of reclusive. That’s natural, but by grounding and protecting yourself and increasing your daily spiritual practice, you can manage this very well.
Conversation Seems Shallow: Small talk just doesn’t nothing for you and you just want to get into the deeper philosophies and inner workings of the cosmos. Others might not want to and this can lead to frustration. Reach out to groups on social media where you can have that level of conversation, you’ll find it so freeing!
Intuition Heightened: You just “know” things, things you absolutely wouldn’t before. You can tell things are gonna happen before they do, smell a lie before its spoken, you have no time for b.s and can make decisions so match easier.
You Experience Anxiety and Depression: Because of how spiritual awakenings affect us all across the board and shakes us up from the very foundations of our souls, the symptoms we experience can translate through the body as anxiety and depression. Increasing your meditative practice, grounding and protection will help you greatly.

These are just a few of the many symptoms that can, and do, happen as we go through our Spiritual Awakenings, we all experience these symptoms. While they are universal symptoms, the journey is individual, but reaching out and talking about them will help you to realise that what at first may seem horrible, is in fact a thing that’s paving the way for something far more amazing than we realise.

I mentioned about increasing your meditative and grounding and protection practice, on my website you will find a page specifically about grounding and protection and a page about meditation that will help you to move forward and navigate these symptoms.

I hope that this blog helps you as you move through your awakening, I’d love to hear from you about your experiences, any stories you might have or any questions you might have, it’d be very interesting to hear from you.

Remember that no matter how alone you might feel, we are all gong through this at various stages in our lives and we can all help each other.

Love and Blessings,

Stuart Kelly Insights




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