Spirals Are Everywhere!!

Spirals are used all over the place, in mathematics, architecture,artistry, spiritualism, even our galaxy – The Milky Way is a spiral. There are many different types of spirals, from a coil, a helix (like our double helix DNA) a corkscrew, a twist, a scroll, a swirl, a convolution and volution. There are lots more words for spirals out there.

A spiral is a curve that generally winds from a centre point going outwards, further away from the central point. The first kind of spiral comes from Ancient Greece and is called The Spiral of Archimedes. I won’t get into the equations or even pretend that I fully understand them. I never got that far in school and won’t profess to know it. I can tell you that if you wish to find this out, a search in mathematical equations of Archimedes will provide you with all the information you need on that particular area. For me it’s more than my mind can get into, so I digress and leave it up to them that are in the know. I only provide information and insight as it comes to me, it is then up to you how you use said information and insight.

Universal Spirals

The spiral has a sort of universal appeal in its nature and everyone can identify what one is whether it is found in plants, animals, people, the planet or surrounding galaxies. We can see spirals in plants like the sunflower, aloe plant, the budding of a leaf on a tree, some grasses, some vines, ferns. We can also see the spiral in water and how it drains down the plug hole. We see it in the horns of some animals like the Ram or mountain goats, some antelope and African plane animals like the Thompson Gazelle. We see it in some shells too, the nautilus, snails, ancient abalone shells. On our own bodies as well we can find the spiral, look at your finger prints, right in the centre is a small spiral. On the crown of our heads too, the way our hair grows, it can go left or right. some have one, some have a double crown.

Probably the most known use of a spiral is the Fibonacci sequence, spirals and the golden mean, which talk about the answer to the very first algebra test. It can be used to describe things in nature, science, art and mathematics. It talks about the numbered sequence that shows up in everything, called the Fibonacci sequence, and how the numbers increase and double the further they go on, this is called geometric growth. Again, I do not profess to know the workings and ins and outs of the Fibonacci Sequence, I can only give what I know, it is then up to you how you follow up with the insight given.

Throughout History & Culture

The point is, the spiral is in everything. We can see them in natural weather systems to man made structures. Ancient peoples used them in their architecture, some of a spiritual nature, some not. In spiritual architecture it is seen as a symbol for rebirth and the flow of energy. A spiral going upwards means energy rising to the heavens, and the spiral coming down to earth is the bringing of energies down from the heavens to the earth.

The triple spiral, or triskelion, is found in ancient sites, architecture and works of art and pottery. It is a symbol of power and its name comes from a mix of the English tri – three and the Greek skelos – leg. It is also called the Celtic Spiral Knot too. It is believed to be of Celtic origin but, it has been found on ancient monuments predating the Celts by a longer period, it has been found on sites that date as far back as the Neolithic Period, The Stone Age. The oldest known triskelion found is in Malta and is around 6,500 years old! Incredible!

In Ireland there is a place called Si an Bru burial mound in Newgrange that form part of an astronomical calendar that has been carved onto the rock that has been dated around 3,200 B.C.!!

There are many variations of the triskelion, sizes and shapes, but all have 3 arms. The reason there is always the three arms, or branches, is that the number 3 is one of the most powerful numbers that translate to, amongst a vast array of other things, mind, body and spirit, the correlation of the boy , the man, the father. The maiden, the mother, the crone. It is the number of the trinity, the father, son and holy ghost. The three planes of existence, Heaven, Hell and Earth.

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Spirals In My Brand

I use the Triskelion in my business logo as a symbol of power and the correlation between the boy, the man and the father, the maiden, the mother, the crone and for positive movement forward. I use it in a triangle because triangles are a symbol of strength, they are the strongest structure in building and again, they have that 3 aspect to them. I use the spiral coming out of the top of the triangle as a sign of the power and energy that is always flowing either to us or away from us, never ceasing never ending, always there.

I hope you have found reading this blog as interesting as I have putting it together. I’d love to hear your take on spirals and how, or even if, you use them in your life.

Love and Blessings,

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