Signs from Angels and Spirit World


Are you noticing the Signs from Angels and Spirit World?

As we move about our day to day lives in this mortal coil, we walk along side our passed loved ones and our angels and guides. Whilst we do so, we, in our amnesiac humanness, forget they are there because we cannot physically see, hear, feel, smell that they are there with us or we’ve been conditioned to ignore the Signs from Angels and Spirit World as just a trick of the light or our imagination.

We can take up a spiritual practice to help enable us to see, hear, feel, smell, and so much more, that there really are spirit people, angels and guides walking with us.

Why do they walk with us?

They do so because they love us so much that they want to see us make the absolute most of every single moment we are here on this physical plane of existence. They guide us along ever so gently, although some times they can be like a sudden burst of freezing cold water in a roasting hot shower! Anything to get our attention and help us course correct!

All of these can, and are used by the angelic and spirit worlds and there are many, many more ways they can get our attention.

Whilst it’s one of the most amazing things that we can experience, we must use discernment and scepticism with these signs because just because you see something that in the moment seems like a sign i.e. A flash of light by your window but the sun isn’t shining in and reflecting off your neighbours window opposite and they happen to open or close the window that causes a flash to appear in your line of sight, then no, it’s not spirit or the angels. If you see feathers in your path, look to make sure there are no nesting birds around, or if they are in your home, make sure the windows aren’t open and there aren’t any nesting birds on your property. You see the point, it’s so that we can decipher if we really are getting what we think we are.

Keep an eye on your thoughts, and always, always express your deep gratitude that spirit and the angels have taken the time and energy to leave you that sign or message.

So, how do we know that they’re there?

How do we know that we’re not just chatting garbage or pulling air out of the proverbial hat and making it sound good and what someone wants to hear? How do we know we are actually communicating with our family, pets, friends and other spirit folk and not just our own inner monologue? All fantastic and perfectly viable questions, allow me to answer as best I can for you so that you can have a better understanding of it all.

The spirit world communicates with us in every moment of every day through various mediums… A medium is a person or object that acts as a conduit for the other side to pass over messages and proof of existence… They do so by using signs, symbols and the spoken word. These can take the guise of a person, feathers, pennies, music, conversation, newspapers, tea leaves, wax, oracle and tarot cards. The list can go on and on, but the point is the spirit world can and do use any means necessary to get our attention.

Some examples of how spirit and the angels communicate with us are listed below:

Flashes Of Light: Seeing flashes of light just out of your line of sight or at the corner of your eye in the periphery is a sign that your angels and guides are around you. Because they don’t have a body and are light beings, we are catching glimpses of their true “form”

Random feathers: found in places where there should not be any.

Coins: pennies usually, or a specific donation that means something to a specific person.

 The Written Word: Something you read that stands out to you like an echo of something someone once said, or something happens and you recall seeing that thing written about.

Music: A snippet of a song, an entire song! You’re thinking of someone or a specific time in your life relating to a someone and “their song” comes on, or a song that reminds you of a memory of them.

Conversation: Overhearing a part of a conversation and something standing out that reminds you of someone.

A Bill Board Message: You look up and see in big bold letters someone’s name, or a place or a thing advertised and you’re right back at that time with whomever it reminds you of.

Someone Messages Out Of The Blue: You get a text, or an email, or even a written letter and it reminds you of a person passed.

You might say that these things can happen out of coincidence or just by chance. Or that our will to see something makes us see something that perhaps isn’t there, and that’s absolutely perfect, because what I’ve learned over the years is to be sceptical and prove that yes in fact it has come from the spirit world and isn’t a case of pariodolia, an overly active imagination or something born out of desperation because we want to get a message from a loved one. That feather you find, is it really random or are there birds nesting nearby or have there been birds in the area? That random penny, is it really random or did the person in front of you drop it, or did you yourself?

In these moments, we’re encouraged to pay attention to our thoughts because usually when we find these signs we are perhaps overthinking things and getting lost in our heads, or we’re just worry, worry, worrying. Or perhaps we’re thinking about someone who has passed into the spirit world. We usually find that the sign we see or find will remind us of that certain someone who has passed and when this happens, you can be sure that it’s exactly who sent you that sign.

It’s something truly beautiful to have conformation from our angels and spirit folks that they are there with us, with gratitude and practice, you can increase your interaction with them all.

“Just because everything can be a sign, doesn’t mean everything is a sign”

Love and Blessings,

Stuart Kelly Insights

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