Readings With Me

Readings with me

Why and How I Do What I Do.

Well, hello there! How are ya since we last spoke? I do hope you are well and have had a great February so far?!

In this blog I’ll be taking you through some of the steps I go through to deliver full readings, off the cuff spontaneous readings, or a random message delivery. As with life, things change and sometimes the methodology of preparing and delivering a reading or message can and does change as I learn and grow.

If you have any questions while reading or even after, there is a comment section right below this blog, or alternatively you can message me direct on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I will answer what I’m able to for you 🙂


As always I sit at this computer fully loaded with this and that and what to say. The fingers hit the keys and it comes to this point and …. It’s like I suddenly have amnesia! LOL!!

So what do I do when that happens? The same thing I do when I’m going to read and get stumped or I’m going to meditate and can’t, I breathe. Deep. Fill myself right up and hold the air in my lungs feeling that tight, we’re gonna pass out feel creeping in… I let it out nice and slow and feel my body relax a little, then I repeat it and I feel my mind relaxing enough where I can get my focus, get in the zone, in the moment… Get my finger oot and get on with it would probably be the correct wording! LOL!! Once I’ve gotten my finger oot, it flows, as you’ve no doubt read with my posts or my past blogs, my live videos and things.

My Readings

Anyway, when it comes to my readings this is what happens:

I’ll be approached for the reading, or a message or a single card, and will agree on either it being done right then and there or, I’ll book in an appointment that suits better.

I’ll go to the cards and ask spirit and the angels “where are we today? Who’s turn is it?” and you can bet I’ve landed eyes on the deck before I’ve even asked the questions, the deck just stands out. Or it’s like I hear them “shouting” at me. Or, I don’t get any feeling or hearing them “shout”, I just “know” what deck it is and that’s the one we go with.

I’ll then go to either my desk or really where feels comfortable to deliver the reading. I was taught that we sorta had to use the same space for our reads, meditations and other practices so that the energy is more suitable and easier to manage when giving a reading. I don’t really go for that, I feel and if it feels right, I’m there.

Next I’ll light a wee candle and some Incense, or Palo Santo and waft it about the area I’m at, and myself, so that I can clear our energy as much as possible to enable a better communication with spirit and the angels.

I’ll hold the cards and often have crystals close to me too because their energy is just something else. Their energies bring about balance and allow for the opening and closing of channels and chakras. Sometimes, I don’t do anything at all but open my deck and go right into it.

Grounding and protection are paramount at all times when going about the spiritual practices!

I open the selected deck and say a wee prayer that these messages only serve the best and highest good for those involved, either directly or delivering them, and then shuffle the deck. Some folks spread the decks out, or split the decks into piles, or however they are comfortable in shuffling their deck. Once my prayer is said, I’ve my eye’s closed (not always) and I shuffle.

I pay attention to the images, sounds, smells, feelings and the number the shuffle finishes on and then I’ll relay what I’ve seen whilst shuffling (if anything). I will then relay that information to the person having the reading done and we proceed on with the reading.

During the reading I pay attention to the card and what’s on the image. Be it symbols, numbers, colours. While doing that I listen for anything being said, any smells, things seen with the third eye, things happening round about. From the moment we start a read, everything is a potential message, it’s just about having the bit about you to pay attention and having the confidence to say what there is to say and hear if it’s right or not.

I’ll try to be as thorough as I can, or at least as much as I’m allowed. Let’s face it, we all want to know something but after we’ve heard what’s the betting you wish you hadn’t heard? Spirit knows, and man oh man they will hold it back if you aren’t ready, if they aren’t ready or if there’s a lesson to be learned first! LOL!

After I’m finished my reading, questions are answered and any loose ends tied up, I thank my angels and spirit folk for coming forward and helping me with the messages and for the experience we all had. Such an amazing feeling!

When it comes to single card messages or just an off the cuff message it’s a little bit different.

I suppose to put them both in the same category is the easiest way to talk about them because they both work in the same capacity. For this I am going to use a recent example of when I had the “urge” to deliver a message to someone from the angels and spirit.

My Friend’s Experience

My friend had come to me with a problem that she wanted my advice on and of course I obliged with that advice. The subject matter and things spoken about will remain between us two.

During the conversation and listening to what my friend was saying I could feel that all too familiar “pull” we feel when there’s a message to be had. I let it be and carried on listening and talking. There was something said and, from my perspective, it was like a whistle or a shout to get my attention from my cards. I asked “do you want me to pull a card for you?” to which she replied “yes, if you have the inclination!”.

It’s quite a big thing for my friend to ask me for a reading/message and for me to give her a reading/message, in fact she very rarely does. This is purely because we are so close and from my perspective it can be difficult to separate what I already know and what could be a memory of something spoken. All of this made it such a powerful message and experience for my friend.

I’d shuffled the deck in the manner I described above and went ahead to pull a card for her. I went to just pull one, but one jumped out and then they told me that there was 3 needed as a sort of “advice in motion” with the third being the card of the next right action for the situation my friend was in.

After I’d finished relaying the info I had for her, my friend said ” I think I should have came to you first” to which I said “well, yeah lol” – she actually took notes and is still commenting about how powerful it was for her!

As is the way of it when it comes to us having our issues and needing guidance, we all too often think that we should have gone to this person or that person or did this or that first, but, let me ask you this: Where would the lesson in it be?

It happens the way it does so that we can learn and grow in our own collective individualises. As much of a proverbial pain in the bum it is, it is one that is needed for our growths.


So, why do I do this? Simply put, I’ve been through some pretty tough shit in my life and will do all I can to help others that have been through, are going through or are feeling the same about theirs and don’t really know how to take that first step.

I feel truly blessed that I am in a position where I can help people out, provide tools and guidance that enables the getting through a thing, to finish a thing or to change what needs changing. I can’t do anything for you physically, but I can and I will provide you with the tools to help yourself.

I want people to know that there is more, so much more, to this thing we call life. There’s more than being a “robot” and just getting up, working, paying bills and taxes, bed and repeating the cycle so that they’re run down and cannot function.

That life is not for the human spirit at all. We need the balance that speaking to someone like me brings and to let you know and see proof that our loved ones and angels walk with us through this life, helping and guiding us along.

If you would like to book a reading with me, you can find all the relevant information on my Readings Page or you can contact me through my page on Facebook, Stuart Kelly Insights or you can DM me over on Twitter or my Instagram or off course you can contact me via email using the form on my contact page.

I look forward to connecting with you, either through messages or through a reading.

Love and Blessings

Stuart Kelly Insights




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