Spiritual Readings With Me

A reading is an opportunity for a connection and message from a loved one in spirit. For spiritual and angelic guidance with certain areas of your life. A glimpse into a possible future.

I offer a range of readings from general to specific topics including; Romance. Career. Spiritual Development.

I will more often than not use a variety of Oracle Cards and /or my pendulums to connect and bring you the messages that are there for you.

During your reading you'll be given tools to enable you, should you choose, to follow any advice given over during the session.

My reading structures and pricing are further down this page.


Spirit will make contact as we do your reading for you, whether you get who you particularly want or not is a different story. One thing to remember, spirit have choices too and if they don't want to come through, we can't make them. So please try to keep an open mind when approaching a reading and think of it as a blessing that that particular spirit chose to come to speak to you! However, it has been known that spirit won't come through at all and in that case, it's the angels or spirit as a collective whom are sending the message to you.

I look forward to connecting with you

Stuart Kelly Insights

All readings are to be paid for either through PayPal or through Bank Transfer. PLEASE make sure you familiarise yourself with the LEGAL stuff at the bottom of this page. The readings I offer and the pricing at present* are as follows:


These readings are small and simple and are usually designed to answer a simple question.

These readings go a little into the subject matter and offer insight into your immediate past, to where you are now and what's to come next in relation to what you're asking.

Basic Readings will generally last between 30 and 45 minutes and cost £15

To book your reading simply contact me to make arrangements


These readings are the most popular and go deeper into the past, present circumstance and what's lead to the present, then what's in store for your immediate future if you follow the advice given within and take action on it.

You will get the opportunity to ask some questions after your cards

These readings will generally last around 60 minutes and cost £30

To book your reading simply contact me to make arrangements


These readings are longer and more in depth than the other readings I offer. In these readings I will sit with you and answer as many questions as I'm allowed to for you. We cover everything we can for you. Again, we cover past, present and immediate future

If you would like to gain additional insight into what has been said, you will get the opportunity to ask some questions after main reading

These readings can last anything between 90 to 120 minutes and cost £55

To book your reading simply contact me to make arrangements


These readings are more direct in their approach in that you have to ask questions that have a yes or no answer to them. I ask the pendulum for you and the answer is relayed through it to you along with any other information that may be given.

For up to 30 minutes costs £15 and up to an hour will cost £30. We can go through as many questions, answers and information as we can during this time but there are no guarantees

To book your reading simply contact me to make arrangements



I reserve the right, at my discretion, to modify, add or remove any or all of these terms and conditions at any time and any change will be effective immediately upon posting. *All pricing and reading structure are subject to change without any prior notice. If you have booked a reading prior to any changes the original terms will stand.

Privacy Policy:
Any information given, shared or spoken about within the duration of a reading will remain in the perimeters of that reading and will not be shared with any third parties by me. It is at your own discretion as to whether you wish to divulge information received or not.

There will be a detailed list of services available, any questions please contact me

Only YOU:
I will only provide readings for the individual concerned. I will not read for someone or approach someone based on a request from someone else - no matter how well meaning the request is. If you feel someone could benefit from working with me please encourage them to make contact themselves.

Age Restriction:
You will not be eligible to use this service if you are under 18 years old. No exceptions.

Right to Cancel:
If you have booked a reading, you have the right to cancel up to 24 hours before the time agreed upon. Please be considerate.

Entertainment Purposes:
It has to be stated by law that readings are for entertainment purposes only and not mean to take the place of legal or medical advice.

Your Responsibility & Choices:
I can only provide you with the information and guidance I am given at the time of your reading with me. Nothing is set in stone and something might well happen after our session that changes the course of your journey. I am not and will not take any responsibility for any action you choose to take following our session.