Onward to 2018 – Building on the Foundations of 2017

reflecting on 2017 Onward to 2018

The foundations of 2017…

So then, you survived another one 😉

I do hope that you have had lots of fun and laughter, and made some amazing memories along the way! 🙂

As the year draws to a close, it is a time for reflection. For the closing of doors and the laying of, or dusting off of, foundations, so that we can build upon things in the year to come.

This coming year is going to be a year where we’re all on a mission to build upon the things we laid down last year through our own personal growths. We all, in some shape or another, experienced things that brought about change, or at the very least started the ball rolling to bring about the change we so desperately wanted and asked for.


Stay Calm

When it comes to building upon these foundations that you have so tirelessly lain down, the first and most important thing for you to remember is, stay calm! Don’t get yourself caught up in the stresses of the hows and whys and outcomes, just literally plan what you want to be doing (if you haven’t already) and set about following that plan.

You must go easy on yourself too, because the more you give yourself a hard time, the more you’re gonna sit watching your world go by without you! Honestly, you’ll drive yourself nuts if you get caught up in all of that and things will take on an element of being stale and lethargic and you’ll be open to low moods, depression, anxiety, aches and pains in the body… it gets worse as time goes on, it really does.

So, the key to all this is to breathe through everything and to remember that the only really important thing in any thing you do is, this very moment you are in.

Yesterday has been and gone and tomorrow hasn’t even happened yet, so, when you find yourself being taken away into your thoughts and hypothesising this and that, stop and breathe deep for a moment. Bring your awareness back to the moment, you can say thanks for the distraction or if the thing you got distracted about was relevant, you can say thanks for the lesson and then go about what you were originally doing.

Building upon what we’ve already put down is integral to our growths as individuals, and then as a collective. We’ve had too much of the same old stuff in our lives and have decided to move forward, in some shape or other. Be it a change in job, a change of home, starting a new business, expanding on a business, meeting new friends or a lover, financial hardship or, a financial gain… Whatever it is, it’s happening to us to help us to move forward and shed away the old, stale paradigms that simply are not working for us any more.


I’m probably going to sound like a broken record with this, but, YOU ARE AWESOME!

You truly are! All that you have accomplished in your life is simply breathtaking! At this time of reflection we’re encouraged to look at all we’ve done, good and bad, and take stock of what we’ve learned and still to learn. What we’ve accomplished or still to conquer, what came to us unexpectedly, who came into our lives and their impact on us, our loved ones in the spirit world too.

When we express gratitude for all that’s been, for all that’s gone into the foundations we have laid down, we open the door that allows our dreams to come to life.


My Year of Learning

You might think that it’s easier said than done, or that I’m romanticising it a bit, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it too. However, let me tell you a story about how I opened the door to my dream coming true.

I am a student of Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School. For a while I’d been praying for an answer to my situation. I was a bit low to say the least, things were stagnant and not moving forward at all. I’d given in to my fibromyalgia and let it rule me for so long. I’d began to think I was just destined to sit on my arse giving free readings now and then through my Facebook group or my Business Page when the pain wasn’t so bad, or my brain wasn’t so foggy!

Even at that I wasn’t sure I’d even do that anymore. I was barely doing it as it was. So, I prayed properly and asked for what I wanted, I was as detailed as I could be. What I couldn’t say, I could see. I put it all in, every night I prayed before bed, in the morning I’d pray over my cards and then card of the day was delivered. I was getting bored. It happens very quickly and I start to go into myself and my “darkness” looms… but I wasn’t having it that time, I just sorta carried on.

Yes, I had really low times where I genuinely thought about giving up on all of it… thankfully, I kept going!

I’d gotten Collete’s Wisdom Of The Oracle Cards (WOTO) in July ’17 because the box grabbed my attention in the same manner all my other cards have. About a month or less after I got them I’d noticed a free 3 video course from Colette, which I thought “why not?!”. Who doesn’t love a freebie! LOL! From there I’d discovered the Oracle School Insiders Group and again thought “why not?!” So I requested to join and was accepted! Woo hoo for Stu!!

Whilst in there, Colette had came in on a live call to give us information about the upcoming Oracle School.  At this point I had no clue I’d be in there! She decided to call people up on the screen with her to do us a card that went along with the anchor card (more on that in another blog) of the day.

So, she calls up a couple of people and then she says my name!! I can’t get on because I don’t have any camera! I’m sitting on my iPad with my mobile by my side and my computer with the web cam, all on! Imagine my amazement and disappointment!! So, the next day in the group, Colette’s on her call and suddenly I hear to myself “she’s gonna say your name, sort your beard out!!” So, I ran through to the bathroom and started to tidy up my beard while listening to the lady before me talking to Colette. Just as I’m finishing, she says my name!!

My phone starts letting me know I’ve been invited onto the call, I’m about to pee myself in excitement and then I answer… and it was the most amazing thing! I can still remember the cards she pulled for me too! They were from the WOTO deck and were Take a Nap and The Fates. I laughed so hard because I was so, so tired that day!! She told me it was okay to take a nap that everything would be right here waiting for me when I get back up again and that I was destined to do this type of work, it was just a matter of finding an appropriate way for me to do my thing. Very awesome!

It started out an amazing journey of me getting into Oracle School.

We were coming up to the deadline for the registration to finish, which meant if I missed that I’d have to wait for next year. I was happy with that, but at the same time, I really wasn’t. It felt right. It felt like I was meant to be there. Out of 400 people on a live call, I got shouted 2 days in a row to talk to Colette!

So, I sat at my alter, lit a candle and just surrendered it up to them all. I said “If Oracle School isn’t for me, then I’d like something better in it’s place please. I really love the feel of it and it fits with everything I’ve asked for, thank you for that experience. If I have to wait, so be it, but I really want it.” I took a deep breath and just let it out!

That was one of the most amazing experiences because I could feel the angels all around me, literally like feathers all pressing against me. It lasted seconds, but wow! It was beautiful!

The next morning I’d gone onto the registration site through the email, torturing myself I think, and noticed it said there was an extra day left to register! Weird because Colette had said that this was the last day and we’d have to wait till next year!

So, I told another student this and she’d rather excitedly stated that I manifested an extra day!! LOL!! Fast forward to the group call and Colette herself said that no one had any clue how that happened, they wrote it all out properly etc but still, an extra day!!

Now, I’m not saying it was me, but, very interesting how it happened the day after I fully surrendered! It turned out that there was an extra day on top of that too and, I had some issues on my end which delayed things a day or two, but the end of it is this: On the morning of the start of enrolment of Oracle School,

I became a student!

I was of a mind where I’d done the letting go and left it up to the Great Divine to show me where I was to go, be it student of Oracle School or not, it was out of my hands, so to speak. I think that because of old patterns and behaviours I’d resigned myself to it being like a carrot being dangled in front of a donkey. How wrong was I!

I am in compete awe of how all of this works.

I am humbled daily by the miracles that happen when we put our minds to doing the things we truly want to. If we keep on going the way we are, getting out of our own ways, manifesting like the magical beasties we really are, if we keep striving for better whilst having an open mind and a big heart, life will be so, so much better for everyone around.


Onward to 2018…

The coming year is going to bring immense change for those that truly want it and are prepared to put the work in to build upon the foundations already laid down. We will be met with great triumph and of course, there will be the opposite end of the scale to deal with too, as one cannot be without the other! You have an amazing capacity to get through anything that life throws at you, you just have to remember that, think if all you’ve gone thrugh till now, that should help you remember 😉

Ways you can help yourself include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Breathe through things: Stop in the moment , breathe deep and let things go on the out breath and allow yourself to feel lighter with it. It’ll bring a clearer mind and focus.
  • Journal/Diary: Get it out of you and onto paper, or a screen if you have online diaries etc. Either way, getting it out of you will help you to clear up the sometimes manic area that is the inside of your head and it will help to quieten the rabble of voices all shouting at once!
  • Go For A Walk: Just get yourself out there, yeah, it might be cold, but it’s better than chasing yourself around your head! You’ll get the air about you which will clear things internally, it’ll help you to connect to the earth again and enable yourself to become more grounded and focused.
  • Meditate: Now, don’t roll your eyes or think you can’t because, yes you can! We all can. If you have two mins to sit on the loo, you can sit and meditate for a short moment or three. Return to the breath, the moment and let go of what’s been bugging you or pressing on you and bring yourself back to the now.
  • Relaxation: Candles, incense, hot oils, a sea or Himalayan salt bath… all together or as separate parts of a routine, all are amazing at detoxing, de-stressing or just de-daying! You’ll find yourself feeling lighter, less mentally congested and far better equipped to move forward and build upon your foundations.


I wish you and yours all the very best for the New Year! May 2018 bring you all you have dreamed for, and so much more!

Love and Blessings

Stuart Kelly Insights

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