In all spiritual practices it is very important that we are grounded and protected. Being grounded is very beneficial to us at all times, but it is important that when we do spiritual work, like communicating with spirit, that we are both grounded and protected properly.

Communicating with spirit in any way either with tools or through mediation and visualisations is not a game.

All spiritual work must be taken seriously!


If we do not ground and protect ourselves we will feel everything that a spirit will impression us amplified greatly.

As in life there are good and bad people, so it is in death! Do not be fooled by people who insist there isn’t such a bad thing as a bad spirit. They are out there! Energy can be positive or negative whether from the living or from spirit. Most of the time in controlled conditions we have good spirits around us, like attracts like it is universal law.

Having your protection in place will make it very difficult these negative energies influencing you. In time, and with practice, you can stop them from attaching to you and causing harm.

Being grounded and protected will help shield you from the influences of people around you who are not so positive too.


Being grounded can be very beneficial to our everyday life. It can:

Increase balance and stability in our emotional state.
It makes the release of energy easier. We have to let certain negative energies be released for our own well being so that we can move on in life.
It helps bring our healing abilities into the physical.
It helps give and maintain strength.
It helps in bridging the gap between our world and the spiritual realms.
It helps us reach higher spiritual levels.


Some of the ways in which we can keep on top of our grounding and protection are:

Drinking fresh water regularly.
Eating a healthy balanced diet.
Yoga, sports etc, anything that gets the blood pumping.
Being around animals and pets.
Gardening or any out door activities.
Imagine yourself surrounded by the pure white light of the Holy Spirit.
Imagine yourself surrounded entirely by this pure white light; it’s your own wee bubble! This light will completely protect you inside your body and outside.
Imagine you have roots of white light coming from your feet. No matter where you are these roots will find their way into the earths core and anchor you to the safety of Mother Earth.

Drink lots of water, this will help dispel any negative energy and it will also revitalise you.