My Experiences with Spirit

It all kicked in for me around 2010

My experiences of connecting started when I read a picture of a young blonde girl in 2010. One of those moments where something grabbed my attention and told me to look… So I did, I wrote down what I saw for the girls mother, who then confirmed the things said… To say I was shocked was an understatement!

I began using a pendulum and angel oracle cards shortly thereafter. I’ve read for people all over the world and each and every one been as unique as the next! When spirit started to appear to me it was, well, I screamed like a wee girl and ran out my room… I was 30 years old!!.. It was one of my Grandfathers, who just happened to be a wind up merchant while he was here, so took advantage of a situation… and played a blinder! It still conjures up a giggle today!

Since then I’ve worked with spirit and the angels to bring messages of love and support from the other side. To bring comfort, closure or just some words of advice, all the while using the oracle cards and pendulums as my tools. I’ve had dreams of people and contacted them regarding what I’ve dreamt for them to confirm to me what I’ve dreamt.. 3000 miles away!! and even right here at home.

They’re In My House!

I remember when spirit started showing up in my house, just causally waiting for whoever was to be read for… I saw a wee lady sitting on my sofa opposite me! Sitting opposite me wearing a flowery dress and her glasses on, I was at my laptop so looked over the top and asked “Can I help, are you okay?” (no idea what else to say!) she looked and me, smiled, and said “No” and looked away again! Ha!

The wee spaniel dog that was so excited because it could see that I could see it and kept jumping to my face! I had to ask the gentleman that was with her to take her away so I could get on! So surreal and so exciting! The wee snowflake orb that landed on my cheek and felt literally like a snowflake, that turned into a wee blonde haired boy! That was special!


The time my spiritual sweary word beliefs got shattered! You see, I rather naively thought that when we passed over, we lost all sweary words and spoke only loving, positive wording… I was proved very wrong! Ha! I was doing a reading and healing session that ran for a couple hours, it was one of my first big reading sessions, and it was pretty awesome! This lady was having her reading and healing done and among the spirit folk that showed up was her wee dad. He was so cheeky, one of the lads kind of old boy! Anyway, we were having a chat, the lady and I, and this wee guy wouldn’t stop yapping! So I said to her “Hold on a min” and said to the wee guy “Shut the eff up the now”, literally as you’re reading it is how I said it… He turned to me and said, with a flick of the thumb “why don’t you shut the f*ck up!”

I nearly fell down laughing! That was the first time I’d heard a spirit swearing… it wasn’t and isn’t the last I can tell you!… I explained why I burst out laughing, so as not to appear too nuts!… We both ended up in stitches because she said that was exactly him!

Then Came The Children

For the longest time I avoided readings with children in them, for personal reasons at the time, however, spirit had a different plan. I had a reading myself and things were said because it was now the correct time for me to hear them, thus the floodgates opened and I did 4 in a row of babies that had passed either before or some time after delivery. Those were some of the most heartbreaking readings I’ve ever done, sitting listening to a child tell it’s mother “not to cry, Mummy” and typing through tears, but ultimately lifting that mothers spirits and reassuring her that her child is okay and with her.

It’s A Funny Relationship With Spirit

The time I, with the help of another psychic friend, helped find a girl who’d gone missing! To the times in the shower and spirit pop in to say they’re there, or, lying in bed with the then significant other and seeing the top of the head past her shoulder and nearly jumping through the wall! Haha!

There was a sister in South America who wanted to connect with a close family member, who turned out to be my first suicide encounter. She asked me could I connect, I said that it really doesn’t work like that, we can’t just cast a net and catch who you want… Well, she proved me wrong there, because they was there waiting for her! They’d been there a wee while before but was quiet, so I never paid much mind, till then! She got the closure she needed from her family.

It’s a funny relationship with spirit, and is completely sporadic at times, and is one of the single most amazing things about life!

Maintaining that connection with spirit sometimes is difficult, through lifestyle choices or allowing life to become a distraction as opposed to a lesson! However, when it’s open, it’s strong, and each day it becomes stronger!

Even if not seeing spirit people or angels, they constantly send signs, like flashes of light, feathers, stuff on t.v or in music, just to remind me/us, they’re still there.

If you’ve a mind to do so, keep a look out for a nod from the spirit and angelic worlds and remember;

“Just because everything can be a sign, doesn’t mean everything is a sign.”

Stuart Kelly Insights


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