Communicate with your Guardian Angel

Communicate with your Guardian Angel

How to Communicate with your Guardian Angel.

In this wee blog I’ll be taking you through some nice easy steps in how to communicate with your Guardian Angel, I will be telling you a little about them and why they are with us. I hope you enjoy the journey you are about to take, should you choose to take it.

Who Are They and Why Are They With Us?

Our Guardian Angels are our companions in the spirit world that are with us from the time when everything came into being! We have been together through many lifetimes and experienced things both in the physical and in the spirit world. We take turns about, this time around we’ve chosen to incarnate onto the physical plain and they’ve chosen to guide us from the spirit world.

Before we come into the physical world, we sit with our Guardian Angel and we discuss what we will do in this life. Absolutely every possible thing is spoken about and planned out. Every eventuality is laid out and the path is chosen.

We then come to the chosen parents and thus we are conceived and born into this world. We choose who we are born into, it’s agreed upon before those parents incarnate as part of our soul family’s experience of learning and growing.

When we come to this plane, we forget everything. We’re conditioned to do so, through many various methods. However, we come to a point where we “awaken” back up to it all and we then are in a position to communicate with our Guardian Angels.

Sometimes there is no training needed, no guidelines from other spiritual advisers, no spiritual circles, nothing; sometimes it just comes naturally. There’s no right or wrong way for it to happen, it happens how we’ve chosen it to, no matter how frustrating it can be at times!

So, How Do We Communicate With Our Guardian Angels?

Below there is a little list of steps that if followed will help you to communicate and build up a rapport with them. Take your time and don’t lose faith if it doesn’t happen first time. Sometimes the best things take the longest to happen 😉

Ground and protect yourself before any spiritual work, always! Ground by imagining roots of light coming out of your feet into the earth keeping you in place, but flexible enough so you can still move. Protect yourself by imagining a bubble of pure white light surrounding you, bouncing off anything negative coming to you*

Find a quiet space and relax yourself into it.

Breathe deep and slow, letting your body relax, feeling your shoulders sink and your muscles relaxing. get yourself into that place where everything is calm and relaxed and carefree.

Put a thought out to the Universe that you want your Guardian Angel to come forward to you and wait for anything to come to you. Pay attention to any sensations, sounds, thoughts and take note.

Ask your Guardian Angel to come to you now, please (gratitude and manners cost nothing after all) and wait for it again. Then ask them to stand in front, behind, at the sides of you and again, pay attention to anything you feel, see, hear and say thank you.

Ask them to show you who they are, if you have difficulty in “seeing” them, ask them to let you “feel” them and again, pay attention. You’ll get goosebumps, a breeze, a warm feeling, a noise, maybe even hear a name. There are many ways they can communicate, we just have to be patient and observe whats there.

Ask them to show you signs and symbols that are associated with them, and as always, pay attention and see what comes to you.

When you establish that you have contacted your Guardian Angel, you can then start to talk to them. Ask them things, ask them to show you colours, symbols, words, ask to hear them. It’s truly magical.

Don’t Rush It!

These things do take time, practice and a lot of patience, you cannot rush it, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to for you.

It’s important to keep up the practice or as with other things, it’ll become harder to do and you’ll likely get frustrated and think that they’ve left you.

You Guardian Angel will never, ever leave your side, EVER! They are with you through everything, just as we are for them when its our turn. They will be there, but, they won’t jump in and save us or pull us out of something “just coz” they let us learn the lessons we’re here to learn, we always have to ask them, just like the angels.

One thing to note is that our loved ones that have passed, they are not our Guardian Angels. They may be guides to us after they’ve passed, which is entirely their choice, but they aren’t our Guardian Angels.

I hope that you enjoy following the steps above and enjoy the communication and rapport you build up with your Guardian Angel. I’d be very interested to hear from you in the comment section below this blog!

Good luck! And as always,

Love and Blessings,

Stuart Kelly Insights




*There are many methods of grounding and protection, these are just basic starter points that you can build upon should you choose to.

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