Animal Spirit Guides

What Are Animal Spirit Guides?

An Animal Spirit Guide is an animal guide from the spirit realm who will stay with us, very much in the same capacity our guardian angels stay with us. They will help guide us using their own abilities, allowing us to use and develop our own in conjunction with them. As we grow, so do they and vice versa.

In Native American cultures, some say that we are connected to at least 9 spirit animals who will walk the path with us, helping, teaching and learning as we go through this life. Much like we have one spirit guide that is always with us through our various incarnations, we too have one spirit animal guide that accompanies us through our various incarnations. The Native Americans call this “The Main Guardian Spirit”.


Animal Traits

Very much in the same way our spirit guides and angels change, so do our animal guides. The animal with a specific traits that would suite the situation we find ourselves in will come and help us.

For example, you might need the strength of an elephant to get through something so you might see elephants everywhere you go, on t.v. pictures, magazines, in the paper… everywhere! Just letting you know it’s around you helping you get through whatever you’re going through at that time.

You might be needing to come out of a situation and look at it from a different perspective so might see eagle’s everywhere you look. The eagle rises above the storm and looks down up on it from a higher perspective and asks us to do the same.

You might be in need of a boost and reminded of your own inner power and strength and start seeing lions everywhere!

Acknowledge Them

The point is, they’ll come into our lives when we need them and they’ll let us know in their own ways. We then have to acknowledge them and strike up a relationship of sorts with them, or at least say hi and thanks for being here. We talk to them much the same as you would your angels and guides, with love and respect. Sometimes you’ll hear a “voice” sometimes a sensation, sometimes just a look and that’s it.

If you start to see the same kind of animal everywhere, sit for a minute when you can and ask your guides and angels to confirm for you if what you’re seeing is right and boom, you’ll get your answer! They’ll show you a picture in your mind or you’ll see one on t.v. or in a picture somewhere on your travels, point is, they’ll show you LOL!


Some of the examples of animal guides and power animals are listed below. I’ve stuck with the more common, earthy, and much loved, animals and insects, there is a whole other blog for mythological and magical spirit animals 😉


When ants show up for us they’re reminding us to have faith in ourselves and believe in ourselves. We can accomplish our dreams and the ant wants us to know that with hard work, not being shy in asking for help when we need it, and patience not to rush ahead and miss what’s important, we can accomplish what we dream.


When the alligator shows up it is telling us that we’re at a new phase in our lives. There’s been the coming from darkness into the light in our lives and it’s time to take things slow so we don’t stumble too quick and end up back at square one. Tells us to make sure we have all the information we need before we move forward with our current situations.


When the bear shows up for us it is reminding us that we have to stand firm in our beliefs and boundaries and do not compromise. It asks us to be firm in what we want in life, ask for it and it shall be given, even if we doubt it! It can tell us to be more grounded in our day to day lives to stop us making decisions we would later regret. It is also a reminder of our inner power and strength.


The bee shows up for us when it’s time for us to get to work and get about what we’ve been thinking of doing. It reminds us of community and friendship too and reminds us to socialise and what can happen when we work together as opposed to alone. It is also a reminder to enjoy the sweet things in life, like the bee goes flower to flower, we too much go from thing to thing learning and growing as we do.


When the blackbird shows up its all about us sing our songs loudly and not to care what others might think or say, don’t let their attitudes and viewpoints put you off your path. It’s a reminder to trust the intuition too, signs are all around! They also show up to let us know it’s a great time for us to pursue a more spiritual path in life, the magic is in you.


When cats show up for us they remind us about our individualises and abilities to go about things alone, should we choose to. They signify a period where the magic is heightened in us and our psychic senses are peaking allowing for more easier spirit communications. They’re also a reminder to act a bit daft and childlike, to let the hair down and not care what others think.


When a crow shows up for us they’re telling us that we’re at a magical peak. We’re manifesting at a faster rate than we realise and we have to be on the look out for signs that the universe is sending us. It can be about us having to bring balance back into a certain area of out lives too.


Dogs show up for us to remind us of the unconditional love that we have all around us, and in us, at any given time. All we have to do is connect to it and let it lift us. They also ask us to remain strong in our faith and determination in getting through anything life throws at us.


Dolphins show up for us to remind us to talk less and listen more. To enjoy life, to dance and sing and be in the flow of it as opposed to against it. They remind us to be more compassionate towards everyone else and to be nice and helpful. Smile and the world smiles with you.


Eagle’s show up for us to remind us to take a different perspective on things in life. Rise above the problems and find a new way of dealing with them. They can signify a massive spiritual shift/awakening about to happen too.


Trust your intuition. There is a need to be wary of someone around you who is out to trick and cause harm. It’s not a time for confrontation, it’s a time for staying in the background and doing your thing from there more constructively.


Goat’s show up for us to remind us to trust our intuition more than our rational mind. They are reminding us to ask for help when we need it and to stop hitting out heads against a brick wall with people and situations we simply cannot change.


The geese show up for us at times of good fortune, where all we touch turns to gold and reminds us to be receptive to what we are asking for from life. They remind us to tap into our creativity too!


When the hummingbird shows up for us its a reminder to be flexible in life and not so rigid. It asks us to openly express our love for all that is in our lives right now, so that we can open the door for more to come in.


When the horse shows up for us, it’s a reminder of our own inner power and strength. It’s telling us we have to get rid of physically and emotionally challenging aspects of our lives, say good bye and set ourselves free. It’ll help to move from one situation to the next.


The lion comes to us to remind us that we are far stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We are reminded to keep our pride in ourselves high, to hold our heads up and stand in our power! It also reminds us to listen to the facts before jumping in and acting.


Monkey comes to us to remind us to adapt to things as they come to us, that things are not stuck, they are fluid. it asks us to be open to new perspectives on things and then to act accordingly. Also, this is a time where you are close to the nature spirits and fairies!


The owl comes to us to remind us of the deep sated wisdom we all have in us. It is reminding us of the power of mediation too. It is reminding us of our creative potentials and that at that time it is very powerful. The owl also asks us to be aware of any deceptions and falsities around us at that time and to deal with them accordingly, from a place of love.


The rabbit shows up for us to tell us that the period we’re in is a very creative one for us and asks us to tap into our vast creative well we all have inside us. It also asks us to share our love around to all, but most importantly, to those who need it most.


Robins show up for us as a reminder from a loved one in spirit that they are with us. The person you think of, is who is sending you that robin. Robin’s also come to us to rell us to get rid of that which we are holding onto that no longer is relevant, or that no longer serves us to our highest good. It reminds us that we are doing well along our spiritual path but to remember that obstacles and hurdles do happen, we’ll navigate them better if we stay calm and centred.


Snakes show up for us to tell us about changes we’re going through, or about to go through. They signify a deep healing about to happen for us. Our energy is about to change in that we will become more susceptible to the energies around us and better able to manage them.


Tigers show up for us to ask us to keep our focus in check, to remain calm and calculated. They tell us about our inner passion and power and allow us to access them more freely.


Wolves come to us to bring us spiritual and physical protection. They come to remind us of the power of coming together as opposed to working on our own, they bring with them clearer and sharper sight so that we can better see what’s in front of us. They ask us to pay attention to the new things that are coming our way.

Meaningful Connections

For every animal there is a specific trait that they bring forth for us, to help us navigate a certain period, situation or person that we come up against. We all have them and we all have the right to know and connect with our spirit guides.

There are many, many different species of animals and insects with a multitude of different traits and aspects they bring. Look into yourself and ask what they bring you.

Reach out and ask them, the exact same way you would the angels or spirit, then pay attention to what signs they send to you. Have fun with them and build a connection. Honouring them is a good thing to building your connection, so having wee statues/ornaments, pictures, books… anything to acknowledge and honour them is greatly appreciated by them.

You will find a vast multitude of information regarding spirit animals and animal totems on line, just type it into the search engine and let it show you. Let your gut guide you and see the whole new world you open up.

Love and Blessings

Stuart Kelly Insights




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