The word Angel means: Messenger of God

Angels are the direct link between mankind and the divine. The angels are beings of light who are here to assist mankind in our growth and evolution. They do so by walking with us through our lives with us side by side whispering in our ears, gently nudging and guiding us in our lives.

They do not have a physical form, however they will present to us in a way that we will recognise them as an angel, usually in the traditional angel with wings depiction we are all familiar with, though they can appear to us in any form. Angels tend to work with us more on a one to one basis rather than looking after larger areas, like countries. They can do this, however, the Archangels look after the larger affairs of man.


We all have one angel with us from the moment we decide to come to this plain, till the agreed moment of departure, and long after then. This angel is called our Guardian Angel and is always, always there. Guiding and pointing us to where we need to be.

While the angels will help us, they will not do all the work for us, we have to do that ourselves. They will offer us insight or give us the tools to take that first step out of, or to deal with, or to just be in, a situation or set of circumstances. They ask that you have faith in them and what they will do for us, when we force or become demanding, we only block ourselves and the help that is offered.

You can communicate directly with your angels through meditation and prayer. You can communicate with them by going out into natural surroundings, by getting back to nature. Anywhere where there is no build up of heavy energies, or anything harsh or nasty, somewhere you won't be disturbed. They will present to you in a way that you will identify as an angel, so you don't panic or get frightened, that's the last thing they want! They will also show you signs they are around, the most obvious being white feathers. They will also use random coins, music, overheard conversation that means something to you, things on t.v. Billboards, newspapers.. you name it, they'll do it if you ask. Just be as open minded as possible.


The angels are put into a hierarchy, or spheres, and are as follows;



They are of the highest order of angels and they guard the throne of God. They sing God's praises constantly, are seen as "burning" and are said to have 6 wings.


These are God's record keepers. They have 4 wings and 4 faces, this is said to be so that they can see in all directions at all times so as to be able to keep accurate accounts of all that is, has and has yet to pass.


These angels carry out God's justice. They are said to be called Chariots and where described as "burning wheels with rims full of eyes" by Ezekiel.



These angels are seen to hold an orb or sceptre and oversee the activities of the other angels to ensure that God's will.


These angels are in charge of the movement of nature and the heavenly bodies and will give encouragement and blessings on the worthy.


These angels protect human souls and the world from the influence of demons and other nasties that try to influence us in the opposite way we wish to be going.



These angels are the overseers of nations and their leaders. They also protect religion too and are said to wear a crown and carry a sceptre.


These angels are the chief angels and are the direct messenger between God and man. They deliver God's messages directly from Him to us. That have been known to, although it's rare, to be a guardian angel too.


Work on an individual human basis. They safeguard households and people from the influence of the negative energies that try to get in and dull our light. They nurture, heal and give great advice.


info gathered from the Universe, reference points gathered from the big book of angels by Hinkler Books, Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue and Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray.