I am Stuart Kelly and I communicate with the spirit and angelic worlds. I read oracle cards, pictures, pendulums and some work without the usage of any tools. I am a Spiritual healer too. This means that I can lay my hands on, or just above you and connect to your energy and tell you what's bothering you, then send in healing energies to work with it in balancing this, or completely removing the problem.


I am Clairvoyant, I can see spirit and angels.
I am Clairaudient, I can hear spirit and angels.
I am Clairsentient, I can feel spirit and the angels.
I am Claircognizant, I just know things that I shouldn't about people and certain situations, spirit and angels.
I can also smell and taste certain things from spirit.


I have been practising spirituality publicly for 7 years. I became aware that I could "read" when I was the ripe old age of 30! It was a picture of a young girl her mother had posted, I looked at it and wrote what I felt and saw. This became the starting point for this incredible journey that has seen me read and help people all over the world from Tasmania to South Africa, the United States of America to right here in Scotland.

Find out more about the start of my Journey in my blog


I do this because I have known some pretty dark times in my life and I really don't want anyone to have to go through these things feeling alone, or helpless or utterly despairing that there is no way out. I do it because I want to help you, I want to let you see that not all is lost, that not all is over before it has begun. With the help of Spirit and the Angels, I can give you tools to help your situation, I can point you in the right direction for you and your situation and perhaps show you a different perspective on things so that you can make things better for all involved.

It is my passion, my joie de vivre!